The Benefits of Telemental Health

This season has found many of us utilizing the virtual world in order to maintain the rhythms of normalcy as much as possible. From company meetings to church services, this pathway has proven to be quite beneficial, providing a lifeline for the economy and connection.  But we may also find ourselves disconnected from services that we may truly need, like mental health care. 

As much as we are all working to maintain a sense of normalcy, we may also be experiencing thoughts that increase feelings that are making maintaining normalcy difficult to achieve. The growing number of job losses and the number of us finding ourselves struggling to meet basic needs are making it clear that mental health services are needed now more than ever. It may seem that seeking those services is not a viable option at this time. At Aubrey Counseling, we want you to know getting the services you need IS a viable option through the virtual pathway and telemental health.  Telemental health affords benefits that are available to you now, all from the safety and comfort of your own home. 

Choosing telemental health services offers:

  • Choices: Participating in telemental health allows clients more choices in who you would like to work with.
  • Time / Cost Savings: Clients not only have more options of providers you can choose, you can do so without worry of travel time, cost, and waiting which makes scheduling more convenient. 
  • Consistency: Telemental health fits into a busy schedule with ease. This helps ensure less cancellations and more consistency, which makes telemental health services just as effective as in person therapy.
  • Psychological comfort: One of the greatest barriers to seeking help is the stigma that surrounds mental illnesses. Telemental health allows individuals to receive needed services in the privacy of their own home.

At Aubrey Counseling, we are proud to offer this telemental health services. Please feel free to contact us for more information. We would love to know how we can hold virtual space for you.