Quarantine Tips

Manage Covid-19 Anxiety:

Turn off the news. Watch only once or twice a day; even better – just listen. Everything you really need to know is here. Watching constantly is signaling danger to your brain, causing cortisol levels to stay elevated (so that energy needed to flee the danger your brain is believing is there ready to chase you is readily available). Shelter In Place does not go well with raised cortisol levels so let’s work to lower them by turning off the news and doing something else.

Watch these videos. Covid-19 is a reality. One way we can fight it is by laughing about how it’s affecting us. This will help desensitize us to the fear. We must remain vigilant about the things we can control but we can do that without stressing out our brains and bodies with constant high levels of cortisol. It’s okay to feel happy right now, or afraid, or angry, or any of your feelings. You NEED to feel them. Allow yourself to feel them. We tend to fear that if we start to cry we won’t be able to stop. You will stop. Let it out.

Talk to your friends and family, your doctor, your therapist about your fears.

Do some Square Breathing, especially when you feel anxiety that causes physical symptoms, like tightness in your chest. Add belly breathing to it.

Choose an app that helps. Here are a few:

  • Calm
  • HeadSpace
  • Pacifica
  • Happify
  • Worry Watch
  • Brain.fm
  • and do your own search in your app or play store!

Focus on What You Can Control – think about what particularly is within your control related to COVID-19. Let the rest go.

Take extra time to rest and just be. Instead of your commute maybe you sit in the sun by a window for a little while.

Use Social Media for FUN. Do not rely on it for news. And don’t forget to be social! Virtual interactions with others are definitely not the same as in person ones but they are still good for you. We are social beings, we need to interact with each other.

Check on your friends, send a text, give them a call or video chat. They need you as much as you need them.

Keep to a routine. Create one that fits your life now, don’t worry that your regular routine can’t be kept right now. If working from home, it really helps signal your brain when you get OFF work if you change into your comfy clothes when you end your work day (even if that’s from sweats to pajamas).

Find ways to move your body – dance, gentle stretching, follow along with a You Tube exercise video. Get into cooking as something fun or interesting. Build things, draw, color, make music. These things soothe us. Really get into it. Let your mind and body slow.

If you are having difficult reactions to the quarantine, the pandemic, to loss, or for anything that you can’t get to us for, we are here to help you. Right now. We are telehealth therapists. Give us a call or send us an email, we’ll send you a link.

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