Compassion, a COVID-19 Common Grace

It is a strange time in our world. We are having real life experiences that, up until now, we’ve only seen in movies and TV. Our interactions are as limited as the Charmin, jobs as unstable as The Tiger King, and the news as unpredictable as the TX weather. In the words of the great Bob Dylan, “the times, they are – a – changin’”. 

With these unprecedented changes, it’s almost certain we have all been experiencing the ups and downs of emotions and the ping ponging of our thoughts. But as humans, we have been created with magnificent complexities, abilities, and adaptations that allow us to adjust to crisis situations. Sometimes we cope really well and sometimes not so well. The spectrum of the way this experience is affecting is great.  But have all been given what I call common graces that we can both experience and extend. One of those common graces is that of compassion and is something we have the capability to experience and extend no matter how we are being affected by the uncontrollable. 

Here are some ways for you to experience this common grace: 

Practice acts of kindness. Some examples may include:

  • Hand write a letter of encouragement to a friend / family member.
  • Put together a quarantine survival pack (i.e., bag of microwave popcorn, chocolate, inspirational bible verse or message in a ziploc bag) and put them in your neighbors mailboxes.
  • Make a care package for those who care for you; mail carrier, delivery driver, grocery worker. You can include a face mask and small bottle of hand sanitizer with a thank you note. 

Give laugher.  Invite others into a space to just laugh. Play charades, tell jokes, talk about your most embarrassing moments. 

Practice presence.  Turn off the TV and social media and be present with the person in front of you. Our world of busyness and technology was creating social distancing gaps long before COVID-19. Give the gift of presence to help close it.

Make it a goal this week to practice compassion in one way or another. You may just discover it can make getting through these days a little easier. 



Are you in a space where you need compassion? Has the experience of COVID-19 been a heavy burden for you? Amy is ready to hold space for you. For more information, contact Amy at


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