Or in other words, life got really busy after that active surrendering! Time to take a breath.

I was back to working on the website tonight and got sucked into this vortex of rabbit holes that I think doesn’t happen to millennials. Computers were in their hands from as long as they can remember, so their brains are shaped differently than mine.

In my active surrendering I found a lot of help from my friends and my family. When I surrendered, and surrendered… there were people there to catch me. Sometimes I forget to use my support network,  I forget to ask for help.

We can all use a hand for things that are not our strengths, or for those blind spots we all have. We are all human, and we can all use some rest and help from our support networks.

When we don’t realize that we’re doing too much or trying too hard, our bodies will tell us. We get tired, or we get sick, anxious, or stressed.

If you don’t have a support network, we can help you build one. Just ask!