ADHD Humor

I am a therapist with ADHD. Not to worry though, because being in a therapy session with my clients is an area where I hyperfocus and it actually becomes a gift in those sessions. (One of those upsides we like to help you find in your own life.) However, it does interfere with some parts of life so I’ve developed quite a few coping strategies. You can find those all over the web but I highly recommend for tips to help with all ages. Edit on 3/23/18: Here is a YouTube channel that

This article caught my funny bone so I decided to share it here. Those of you with adult ADHD will most likely relate and will identify with at least one thing in the article. I pretty much do all of them except that I don’t have young children. Enjoy a chuckle at my expense because the author must have been following me the last time I went to Target.

Note: I almost never go to Target. And Costco? I’ve never been there!  This is my grandson. They don’t allow me to take him shopping. 😉

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