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In addition to covid procedures, we also want to help you talk about the pandemic and its effects on your life. Please let us know what your struggles are; we are walking this path alongside you.


To stay vigilant against covid, we are continuing to offer telehealth sessions and we provide sessions in our office, with CDC guidelines in place.

Social distancing continues, with masks as local and national recommendations indicate is safest.

When attending appointments in person, please remain in your car until your therapist asks you to enter the building in order to achieve optimal social distancing.

Hand washing stations are next door to the therapy office and hand sanitizer is inside the office.

Six feet of space or more is maintained within the office as seating is spaced well more than 6 feet apart. You will walk yourself in and out of your sessions to avoid being in a narrow hallway with others.

If you become ill with covid, are exposed, or travel to places that are considered high risk for contracting covid, virtual visits will be utilized until it is safe to return based on local and national medical recommendations.

We are fully vaccinated and boostered. If you are not vaccinated, we recommend wearing your mask for your safety.

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