Surrender comes in many forms; recently I was talking with some friends who opened my eyes to the idea that surrender is an active process. If we want to surrender our will to God, for instance, then we have to choose to do so on an ongoing basis. We humans tend to take back control because we are frightened or insecure or feeling our way is the only way. Though we know logically our way isn’t working, we just keep reverting to it out of habit unless we check our awareness of when we have gone back to the ways that are not working. Sometimes we revert because we don’t trust in others and decide we just have to do it ourselves if it’s ever going to get done “right”. Actively surrendering is being open to letting others show us other ways.

When things aren’t working out, we need another person to help us see what we can’t see ourselves. We need perspective.

If there is something that isn’t working out for you, we would like to be that other “person” for you. Our team of 6 horses, an Equine Specialist, and a Licensed Professional Counselor are here to be your “person”. We want to help and we strongly believe that we can. 940 300-2312


What a great thing we have in “support”! What things are you needing support for? Me, it’s this website!

I just chatted with a great chat support person with a sense of humor. I asked for his name so I could give him a great review, and I’ve decided I’m going to showcase him in this post too. I told him that I am a therapist, I’m 55, and I’d rather be on a horse than doing a website so when we accomplished my meta tag code thingie, I was a little giddy!

His reply: “Haha 🙂 The names Jeffry Ghazally and its been a pleasure chatting with you today. ”

So thanks again, Jeffry Ghazally! I am going to bed feeling accomplished instead of defeated.

Because after a couple of weeks of not asking for help, I did.

It’s okay to ask for help.

How can we help you?

support help together
Support for life, relationships, fear, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, parenting, being a kid. Call 940 300-2312


Thank you to for the above. I saw it on Pinterest while looking for pins to inspire me for this website.

And I thought …we all have our things that we don’t get or can’t do…yet. So I’m encouraged, and I hope that you are too, by Holtzy’s words.

Look around my website a little and you’ll find that “This doesn’t work” may come to mind a lot when you click or you see my Widget text box still explaining that it’s a widget text box. It doesn’t work…yet!  But it will, and whatever is causing you to struggle right now is going to get better too.

Just not …yet.

Hello from the Herd

Lightning strike

EDIT: Equine Assisted Psychotherapy services are not currently available from Sharon. Call Rebeca Mata LPC-S, of Mata Counseling Services, at 682-465-2442 for possible availability.

I am Sharon Beam,  Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor.  I partner with Gala Hobbs at her ranch in Aubrey, Texas to provide Equine Assisted Psychotherapy using the EAGALA model.

(The supervisor part matters to LPC Interns. I have a limited number of openings. You must provide your own site.)

Everything else matters to clients or parents who are looking for excellent care for their mental health needs. Trauma, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and marriage counseling are our specialties.We work with children, adolescents, and adults.